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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Support Scams: Expect the Scammish Inquisition

I haven’t been writing about support scams lately, largely because I haven’t been getting the phone calls much for a while, and those I have received have been boringly predictable. I just haven’t got the patience any more to sit through some scammer’s script, meant to convince me that he has magically obtained information about a problem on my PC that I need to pay him to help with.
But that doesn’t mean they haven’t been happening to other people, or even that there’s nothing else to say about them. In fact, I see a steady stream of comments made on my earlier articles as new readers offer their own insights on new experiences of support scams. Usually these comments are from people who have been contacted by scammers, though one recent comment was actually comment spam from one of the very sites I’ve been complaining about for so long. Nice targeting, guys. Did you really think I don’t moderate or even look at blog comments?

Support Scams: Expect the Scammish Inquisition

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